Your specialist for Active Balancing. Our story.

All batteries are similar, right?

Small step, great effect

From the beginning, it was clear to us: Where electrical energy is needed, electricity storages will dominate the market and they will be similar. Our goal was to improve this standard technology at an early stage with the best technology currently available: Active Balancing.

What makes efficiency so important.

There is no doubt about the renewable power generation, but it remains a huge challenge to each and every one of us. Efficiency means not to convert energy into wasted heat. Batteries with passive balancers are more inefficient than those with active balancing. In the future millions of batteries are charged up the enormous amount of energy that is wasted. Active balancing ensures a high level of performance and efficiency.
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"We are proud of our best and most efficient battery management system. The future belongs to the active balancers. "
Werner Zenke, Founder and CEO.

AutarcTech was founded in 2010. Werner Zenke quickly realized that the future of the industry and the owners of photovoltaic systems would lie in battery storages - but not with conventional, energy-wasting technology, but with the best that would be on the market.

Our storage should have Active Balancing.

But there was nothing suitable on the market.

Mr. Zenke was already of the opinion that active balancing is very energy-efficient and would establish itself as the standard for Li batteries.

We kicked off the development of the best and most efficient Active Balance BMS ever since 2013 with the appearance of suitable new integrated circuits.

On its use in already more than 600 batteries since 2015 we are very proud.

However, we are not resting, but are already in the test phase with the further development to more flexibility - keyword Joulie.

The alignment of AutarcTech from the pure battery producer for home storages to the supplier of components in particular also for large storages raises us from many manufacturers of - unfortunately to date still inefficient - stores off.

Confirmation finds our philosophy among other things. Also in demand - especially from abroad - for components that enable storage developments to be cost-effective at low cost and thus the value added largely remains in the country. The FireFly systems in England (now 35 80kWh containers), the e-Rickshaws in India, and others, serve as good references. All companies have supplemented their batteries with our Active Balance BMS, saved considerable development efforts and minimized import tariffs.

We see ourselves as a supplier of important, efficient components with the experience of several years of battery production and operation. By the way, about 300 batteries are currently being monitored via Internet.

Li batteries will dominate our energy storage in the long term - we will make these together efficient and durable.

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