You are already a battery manufacturer or are in the preparations to make storages and want to find the best components. With our LiTerminal and its components, we offer you a system that only has to expand the cells and housing of your choice. You can start immediately and profit from the experience with approximately 600 installed batteries and cluster systems. 
A kit consists of the Active Balance BMS (LiTerminal) and the balancer cables. On request you can get temperature sensors (CellCon), relays and current sensor.
For a 48V battery you just need the BMS kit (see photo above), the Relay/Sensor unit and the CellCon set (NTC temperature sensors).
For more informations please ask for the JOULIE-16 documentation.
In addition, we have developed JOULIE-4c for high-voltage operation, which we can soon offer you as another series product from our development.
Please ask for details or request the JOULIE-4c documentation.