Cluster Systeme with Active Balancing

Unlimited Capacity

Start immediately and benefit from our experience with already more than 50 Cluster Systems.

Do you want to store larger amounts of energy or to compensate for load peaks with self-generated electricity rather than buying expensive?
We offer the cluster solution for business and all those who want to store larger amounts of energy, which can be expanded at any time.
The cluster system consists of several LiTerminals - depending on the number of battery blocks - and the LiMaster. LiMaster takes over the control of the LiTerminals, communicates via Ethernet protocol with these and via CAN interface with the inverters. A LiTerminal can monitor and balance battery blocks from 48V nominal to 400Ah. Via the built-in switch, up to 7 blocks can be interconnected via the LiMaster and any number of blocks connected to large clusters via additional switches.
We supply the storages and LiMaster.
If you want to build batteries yourself, you will get the necessary components: LiTerminal, LiMaster, cable, relay.