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Feed-in tariffs are declining. The more popular are the energy storage devices, which make it possible to consume the electricity generated during the day at night. With our Li-Rack product line you get the Gold Standard of the energy storage with Active Balancing.

The own power station in the private house

> High internal consumption reduces electricity costs
> Charging the car with self-produced energy
> Carefree technology
> Bridging power outages
> Independence from the energy supplier
> Made in Germany

Industry Partners

Put on best German engineering skills for your projects wherever you need to store electricity effectively. This allows you to use the Gold Standard of battery management - our Active Balancer - to position your more effective storage solutions across the market. We look forward to a partnership-based cooperation!

Areas of application in industry

> Photovoltaic systems
> Wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants
> Biogas plants, combined heat and power plants
> Mobile systems
> Caravan, boat
> Telephone services
> Highway signs
> Off-grid systems
> Second life of Li cells

   … and many more

Our products provides self-sufficient energy
one step further.

Efficiency is important

The situation is clear: anyone who wants to store energy needs batteries. The demand for lithium cells is increasing strongly. This is why "second-life" cells are becoming more and more interesting for stationary storages, i.e. cells already in use. If you want to optimize the lifetime, storage capacity, charging and discharging processes, this can only be done via Active Balancing.
Our fully developed an
d proven technology is available to private users in the form of home storages, as well as companies and OEM partners for their own storages production.

Our modules make your memory really efficient.

We offer for you the Gold Standard in Battery Management: Active Balancing.


Why do storages need Battery Management?

No matter which lithium cells are used for the current storages, an electronics must monitor the battery. This is the Battery Management System (BMS). Its primary task is to monitor voltages and temperatures of the cells, since lithium cells must not be overcharged or deep-discharged, since this destroys the cells. If necessary, the BMS will interrupt the charging of the battery for safety reasons.
We rely on a very safe cell chemistry based on LiFeMnPO4 and the most efficient battery management system with Active Balancing from our own development.

What exactly is the secret of Active Balancing?

Almost all battery manufacturers use passive balancing that converts energy into heat when charging. In contrast, whith Active Balancing energy is not wasted but redistributed within the battery. Thus, an efficiency of the battery of 99% is achieved. Since there is no waste heat like passive balancing, cooling for this is no longer necessary. With comparable performance less space is required. The optimally balanced battery increases the service life considerably - about 30%. The Active Balance BMS from us allows the use of cells up to 400Ah

What is the difference in balancing techniques?

Passive balancing is based on less expensive technology and is used most frequently. It tries to protect cells from overcharge by passing some of the charge current into heat past the cell. This energy is not available for storage. Active balancing is more complex, but has many advantages because it is more efficient, equalises cell voltages permanently during discharging and can "revive" even older cells. The battery stays "healthier" for many years.

What kinds of Active Balancing does AutarcTech offers?

Active Balancing can be found in
  • Our energy storage series LiRack
  • Our controller LiTerminal
  • Our new product line Joulie

Effective Energy on demand.

Modern storage technology makes it possible:
Independence from the electricity network.


No problem. Bring "Made in Germany" engineering skills into your project through Active Balancing. Integrate our BMS with Active Balancing into your projects. Your storage becomes unrivaled effective, more durable and your added value increases. 

Power storage systems should be effective. That is why, from the beginning, we rely on state-of-the-art technology - the Active Balancing.
It gets the best out of the battery cells.
Learn more about our history.

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